The Road Uphill-2011

The Road Uphill-2011

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Genre: Documentary
Director: Jean-Louis Schuller
Writer: Jean-Louis Schuller
Stars: Andy Schleck, Fränk Schleck, Jens Voigt, Johny Schleck, Philippe Brunel
Countries: Luxembourg
Luxembourg. One of the world’s smallest countries, a green and peaceful place bordered by Belgium, France, and Germany. The birthplace of two brothers, Andy and Fränk Schleck, two of the world’s best professional cyclists. National heroes and the sportsmen that their country had been waiting for, Leopard Trek, the new Luxembourgish team built around Andy and Fränk were the favourites to win the 2011 Tour de France. Following Leopard Trek and the Schleck Brothers, the new documentary « The Road Uphill » by director Jean-Louis Schuller focuses upon the team’s participation in the prestigious 2011 Tour de France and upon their physical and mental preparation for the biggest cycling event in the world. This intimate cinematic portrait of two brothers and a team who are under pressure to live up to the expectations of their country, takes us on a journey into the lives of these professional cyclists. This film documents the relationships, motivations and belief systems integral to Leopard Trek – the core aspect of the team that is not usually exposed by the lens of television reportage. In a sport that more commonly has one leader rather than two, how does the Schleck’s unique brotherhood affect their race ? Does their compassion for one another make them stronger and enable them to overcome greater physical limits? This documentary investigates the day-to-day life of this professional cycling team and the physical, mental and emotional thresholds that they need to overcome to win the greatest race on earth.

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